Wow! Nearly 18 years, 2 college bound graduates, 1 senior and a sophomore has past since I began with CMCA, and what an incredible and blessed experience it has been… I personally have been blessed by nearly every ministry in this ISP AND the many families that have supported and encouraged my children and myself. read more

Collette Holzer
Home School Mom

CMCA has not only offered us spiritual support, but they have given us PEACE.  Through their experience and education my husband and I do not worry about meeting the criteria that my children need to meet when it comes to state standards and high school requirements.  Having this peace has really made this homeschool journey less stressful and more enjoyable!  read more

The Vasquez Family
Home School Family

We were drawn to CMCA because of the ­­­­history and experience of the leadership… CMCA has a long history of graduating high school students, who proceed successfully to college and careers, fully ready to take the next steps. They have ASB for high school students, that not only provides the leadership aspect, it also teaches the council event planning skills, it provides social and community service activities that are important. read more

The Fitzharris Family
Home School Family

Calvary Murrieta Christian Academy (CMCA) has been an invaluable resource and help to me as I have home schooled my children these past ten years.  Not only do they provide assistance with legal requirements including affidavits, documents, and school forms, they are an incredible source of encouragement for parents and students alike.  The endless hours of service to their families are only outweighed by the staff’s desire to bless and pray for each of them. read more

Lorena Phillips
Former CMCA Leader

My husband and I are so blessed to have found Calvary Murrieta Christian Academy. All six of our children are enrolled in CMCA and we are so happy with the program and staff. The individual help, encouraging workshops, and abundant activities make home schooling a joy. read more

Raquel Byrnes
Home School Mom

“Seemingly endless and varied opportunities surrounded by loving community– and covered in prayer.”  Those are my foremost thoughts when I consider what CMCA means to our family. High School students can join in this loving community and experience leadership development, while having way too much fun! As a parent, my personal friendships and support have all come from this incredible and seasoned group of people. read more

Linda Mathews
Home School Mom