Wow! Nearly 18 years, 2 college bound graduates, 1 senior and a sophomore has past since I began with CMCA, and what an incredible and blessed experience it has been. I will never forget the day I called CMCA and spoke with Cheryl explaining to her my woes of attempting to start my home schooling journey through the public school, which had failed. After our conversation, I immediately switched to Calvary. Over the past 17 years these amazing staff ladies have reached out to our family, to guide and encourage us through our struggles and the joys as the Lord utilized their giftedness. I personally have been blessed by nearly every ministry in this ISP AND the many families that have supported and encouraged my children and myself. Through prayer, testimonies, activities, retreats (remember those ladies?), special speakers, super fun small groups and more, we have created lifetime friendships. We all are so grateful to be a part of such a godly, Christ focused group of individuals. Thank you Lord for CMCA!