Our welcome to CMCA was 6 years ago. At that time, we had already home schooled 8 years.  We were drawn to CMCA because of the ­­­­history and experience of the leadership. The choice to home school is a multi-dimensional decision. The needs of the student and parents change over time.   We knew we were called to home school, before kindergarten.  Through the elementary years, we received wonderful advice. Over the years, we made deeply meaningful friendships that we have maintained all these years.  As we began to approach the Junior high school years, we realized that CMCA was filled with assets that we needed and appreciated.  CMCA has a long history of graduating high school students, who proceed successfully to college and careers, fully ready to take the next steps.  They have ASB for high school students that not only provides the leadership aspect, and teaches the council event planning skills, it also provides social and community service activities that are important to all the high school students. The connection to the day school gives students opportunities from sports, to music, to drama, etc. Being able to participate in the day school events, such as dances and missions trips is priceless. I could continue with the many positive aspects relating to the activities, but there is an aspect that was the real draw for us.  We are incredibly grateful for the guidance and involvement through the high school years. Before students begin high school, they interview the students and parents, covering academic goals and future plans.  The leadership allows the needs of the students to direct the activities of the school in positive ways, such as starting ACSI spelling bees, writing competition, etc., as well as allowing students to begin and create a school newspaper.  This means CMCA is active and personally involved with the families. They are excellent at making sure every student satisfies the graduation requirements, they are available whenever there are questions, and they direct families to outside resources when needed. They work hard to provide speakers and information that are important to parents and students. We are so grateful for everything that Julie, Carmen, Karen, Tammy, and Chelsey have done, and continue to do, for us.